Optimising training loads using Solver in Excel

Optimising training loads using Solver in Excel

Optimising training loads using Solver in Excel. This project was inspired by the work from David Carey (@dlcarey88) and co, in his recent paper on Optimizing Pre-Season Training Loads in Australian Football.We put together a mock loading template to replicate this idea by using solver in Excel, the original paper had used MATLAB for its simulations. This tool gives a rough loading template based on specific constraints that you can modify to suit your training/match schedule. Some practical applications of such a method, as mentioned in David Carey’s paper, may be:

  • Changing the training loads to gps total distance or another metric of your choice. That might allow coaches to see what may occur when you increase your ACWR max to 1.7, for example. You may end up seeing that you cover an extra 10 km in total distance across the pre-season period at this ratio.

  • Planning a safe return to play protocol, perhaps by using more strict ratios and max training loads.

  • Developing a training plan that maximises performance/fitness whilst keeping within specific acute to chronic ratios or other variables that can reduce risk of injury.

Sean Williams
Senior Lecturer in Applied Statistics and Research Methods

My research interests include include sports injury prevention, training load monitoring, growth and maturation, heart rate variability, and meta-analyses.